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Video Wall

At FSL, we provide a vast array of Video Wall options. From fine pixel pitch (Ultra HD) options, to large scale screens for further viewing distances. 

With a variety of LED panel sizes, we can tailor screen size to meet your available space, creating a unique advertising opportunity for your business.​

  • High Brightness and Visibility - From 4500 nits - 6500 nits

  • Flexibility in Size and Shape - Panel Sizes range from 500mm x 500mm to 1m x 1m to create a display size of your choice

  • Wide Viewing Angles - 170 Degrees of viewing angle 

  • Colour Accuracy and Vividness - All displays are calibrated by FSL before installation

  • Long Lifespan and Low Maintenance - 100,000 hours of LED operation 

  • Energy Efficiency - Average of just 207 watts per square meter

  • Seamless Integration - FSL Advertising Software provided for remote access and content scheduling

  • High Resolution and Pixel Density - Pixel Pitch range from 1.2mm to 16mm

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