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LED & Control Panel Repairs

Our Customer Service Team remains readily available to offer solutions and address any inquiries. They are well-equipped to provide assistance tailored to the unique requirements of your display needs.

Technical Enquiries

Complete the fields below and a member of our technical support team will be in contact.

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On Site Based Repair

Local Technical Support


Our Service Technicians are readily available to visit installation sites for advanced troubleshooting or to offer on-site repair support. From LED repair and replacement, to power supplies and sending/receiving cards, we can service a variety of displays from many manufacturers.
With experts in Oakham, Braintree and in Ireland, we can service a large geographical area.

In-House Based Repair

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Our Repair Specialists are available to assist with in-house repairs at our facility in Northern Ireland. After initial consultation with our team via phone-call or site visit, we can offer our in-house based repair solution to allow rapid turn-around of components and displays. 

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