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Vehicle Mount Arrow Board

Vehicle Mount Arrow Board.png

FSL Display's Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board are manufactured with innovative LED technology popularly used for traffic management, council & constructional engineering, mining work safety by showing high brightness Flashing Arrows, Caution Bars, and Directional Signals.

Machinery & Structure​

  • Bracket easily mounted on most vehicles

  • Actuator lifting system to raise and lower the panel

  • Black powered anti-UV, anti-corrosion surface

System & Operation​

  • Amber color High Brightness LED light

  • Different flashing patterns

  • Flashing rate of 30–40 per minute

  • Easy-to-use hand held controller 

  • Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) 

Safety & Energy-Saving​

  • Low power dissipation

  • Energy-efficient operation

  • High-legibility LEDs 

  • Flashing beacons warning passing-by vehicle and pedestrian

Maintenance & Warranty​

  • Factory quality warranty

  • Lamps and shroud are easily replaced

  • Compact design and easy maintenance

  • Ongoing technical support

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