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Solar Traffic Light

FSL Display's simple portable traffic lights are suited for single lane control (one lane closure, alternative to manual traffic control) , T-junctions, cross roads (truck crossing), bridge repair work and construction sites where there is a high volume of traffic. LED portable traffic lights’ solar power allow it to work without charging overnights or in rainy days.

Machinery & Structure​

  • Fast, efficient deployment and relocation

  • Wind-loading approved.

  • Multi-layer sealed and waterproof

System & Operation​

  • High efficiency and brightness

  • Large viewing angle 

  • Long viewing distance

  • Full matrix operating system

  • Manual, fixed time, & traffic actuated operation mode options

  • Work zone indication light to provide visual cues

  • Exclusive optical lensing and good colour uniformity

  • Keep up with international standards

Safety & Energy-Saving​

  • Low power consumption 

  • Silent operation

  • Battery powered with automatic solar charging

  • Highly visible & long-life led lights

Maintenance & Warranty​

  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries

  • No on-going charges

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