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Portable Traffic Signals

FSL Display's Portable traffic signals are manufactured with innovative technology popularly used for road work, emergency traffic control, roadside utility repair, parking lot control, pedestrian crosswalks, especially useful on projects requiring overnight traffic control.

Machinery & Structure​

  • Heavy-duty tow couplings can be towed by most vehicles

  • Hydraulic mast lifting system allows one person to easily raise and lower the board.

  • Solar panels rotate 360 degrees for optimal positioning

  • Double disk brakes hold message board in place during operation

  • Y support stabilizes message board in travelling position 

  • Hot-galvanized steel structure, anti-corrosion for 20+ years

System & Operation​

  • Fast & efficient one-man setup saves time

  • Secure and reliable long range RF (radio) communication system

  • Hand held remote control option

  • Fixed time or traffic actuated operation mode option

  • Flexible unit programming

  • Design and plan for new & custom applications

Safety & Energy-Saving​

  • Low power dissipation

  • Energy-efficient operation

  • High-legibility LEDs 

  • Environmental Friendly Solar Power System

  • Continuously working throughout the year under normal weather conditions

  • Auto-charger shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage

  • Safety lock: Wheel, battery box and control box

Maintenance & Warranty​

  • Factory quality warranty

  • Compact design and easy maintenance

  • Ongoing technical support

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